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Use our no-cost backlinks tool to inspect your website’s link profile in great detail.

While this free backlink checker was created by Small SEO Tools (SST), it is completely integrated with Ahrefs’ engine and can provide a comprehensive backlink report for any live website or webpage.

You can do the following with this instrument:

Locate and monitor the origins of your incoming connections.
Check any site’s backlink profile and health with ease.
Find out which of your keywords or pages are generating the most inbound links, and expand on them.
Investigate the most important inbound links your rivals have and analyze their backlink profile for any trends or openings you might exploit.

How deep can you go into certain metrics with this probe?

Actually, Ahrefs does more than simply provide a list of your site’s backlinks since backlink analysis is built into the platform to ensure optimal performance.

In this case, the link’s destination page’s URL is shown.
In other words, it reveals the precise language that was used as the link’s anchor.
You may see the domain’s Ahref Domain Rating that linked to your site.
Identify the Link Type that is being shown (that is, whether it is Nofollow or Follow).
You’re given the choice of seeing the website’s Ahrefs URL Rating.
And that’s not all. If you need more assistance, our free backlink tool displays additional metrics like:

Find out where your website stands in terms of popularity according to Ahref.
Your site’s Domain Authority according to Ahrefs (Domain Rating)
How many other sites link back to yours
Quantity of sites that linked directly to yours
Search terms derived from organic sources
Natural flow of visitors
How many links your site has that search engines will follow determines how successful you are.
How many links on your site are marked as “Nofollow”
There were a total of __ unique IP addresses that referred traffic.
What’s more, you can have ALL of them at no cost to you at all.

Backlink Checker’s default report only displays the top 100 backlinks to your domain (with one link shown per domain), but you may expand the report to see all links if you’re interested.

Use of our application is quite simple. No technical skills or knowledge of SEO are required. The process involves just three basic measures:

The first thing you need to do is come to this website (

Step 2: Type your URL into the box. A website’s root domain may either be the homepage URL or the URL of a specific page, such as a product page or blog post. You have the option of showing external links for the whole domain or only the page you supplied a URL for.

Click the “Check Backlink” button in

Step 3. A CAPTCHA may be needed to process your request. Certainly, if that’s the case. After you’ve finished the three steps above, the tool will instantly display the findings, including all the metrics we covered before. The report is available for download, if interested.

Fewer than ten results are shown by most competing backlink checkers. However, the top 100 backlinks to a certain URL may be seen in our link checker. More content is available for your perusal.


As was previously said, our tool does not just display backlinks. In addition to the measurements we’ve just showed you, it additionally gathers and shows the following data.

This list will provide you the five best suggestions:

One of the most lucrative uses of backlinks is to boost your search engine optimization. Our online backlink tool will show you where you can make the most progress in enhancing your backlink profile, which will lead to better search engine rankings and more search engine traffic.

You may recover broken backlinks with the help of the data our tool offers. Check out error pages that lead elsewhere. Make sure users and crawlers are sent to the correct location by setting up a 301 redirect.

Audit the backlink profiles of your rivals to identify areas for growth in terms of link development and search engine optimization. The inbound links that are leading to high-ranking sites should always be checked during a backlink audit or check to ensure that no valuable link possibilities are missed.

Making Connections: Communicate with those who link to your pages so you may expand your network. This instrument may also be used to identify credible influencers in your industry with proven page authority.

In addition to aiding in exposure to your intended demographic, they may also provide you with a high-quality inbound link. You may use this to discover who is connecting to them and who is linked to them. Try contacting them and seeing if there’s any way you can acquire a link or two from them using the data our program provides.

Using this website link checker, you may examine the credibility of the websites that are connecting back to your own. You have the option of skipping the less reliable sites and focusing instead on those with a higher degree of reliability.

Determine which kind of link building (blog comments, social bookmarking, guest blogging, etc.) are most productive for your website. A better quality connection profile is what you’ll be able to construct with all of this in place.

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