Luis Enrique: ‘I really love new extra added time at World Cup’


Spain national team manager Luis Enrique has said he is a big admirer of FIFA’s decision to increase the amount of stoppage-time added on by officials. 

FIFA’s referee chief Pierluigi Collina has said fans should get used to games going over the 100-minute mark as more time is added on due to injuries, substitutions, penalties and red cards. 

A combined 27 minutes were added on during England’s 6-2 over Iran on Monday which made the group B match the longest-ever game in World Cup history at 117 minutes and 16 seconds. 

Luis Enrique said on his Twitch account on Tuesday night: “I really love all the added time. Above all because teams like us who have lots of possession, we always complain that not enough time is really played. 

“So I think it’s marvellous to play so much added time in both halves, the most effective time possible (the better). Any team can play as they want, but the more quality minutes played the better. So I am very in favour of this measure, it is the right thing to do.”

Luis Enrique also suggested football should trial a form of stop-clock system where the ball is guaranteed to be in play for 60 minutes. 

He added: “You could also try and test out the clock which stops when the ball goes out – I would like 60 minutes of ‘effective time’ (ball in play). 

“Sometimes there are games when only just over 40 minutes of effective time, when there are defensive teams who close up and do not want to play. I like what they are doing now, making the games last a good bit longer. 

“What is important is that the fan gets at least 60 minutes of effective time. Of course I am saying that knowing it would benefit us. But if they do not like it, they can change and play as we do. But I understand each one plays football with what they have.”



Don’t say you weren’t warned about long World Cup matches…

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