Juror discharged in Benjamin Mendy case


One of the 12 jurors overseeing the Benjamin Mendy case has been discharged.

The court were informed on Friday that the juror was due to undergo an emergency eye operation. Following the procedure, they were informed he would not be able to return to court until January 3 at the earliest.

Instead of adjourning the case until the New Year, judge Steven Everett decided to discharge the juror “with great regret” and allow deliberations to continue without him.

While it was preferred that all 12 jury members would carry on, it has come to the stage where the trial must continue.

Judge Everett reiterated to the remaining jurors that there is “still no pressure of time to reach a verdict,” but if the jurors are close to reaching a decision on most of their verdicts, the court can sit on Friday. If not, deliberations will resume on January 3.

Benjamin Mendy was in court on Monday, but he was without either of his representatives, Eleanor Laws KC or Orla Daly, although Daly appeared via video link.

The case continues.

(Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)


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