Ghana manager blames referee for Portugal loss: ‘He was not in our favour’


Ghana manager Otto Addo has blamed the referee for his side’s defeat to Portugal in their World Cup opener.

Portugal managed to win the game 3-2, but the result relied on a controversial penalty handed to Cristiano Ronaldo after he was fouled in the box. 

Ronaldo converted from the spot to send Portugal on the way to their win.

And Addo, who thought his team was competing well until the decision, believes it was the wrong decision to award the spot kick.

He said: “It was really a wrong decision. We played the ball. I don’t know why VAR didn’t come up. There is no explanation for me.

“The referee was not in our favour.”



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Asked whether the foul was given because it was Ronaldo, Addo replied: “I think you have to ask the referee. I have no proof of that. We were playing the ball and then there was contact.

“I don’t know whether they were not paying, or whether the VAR was not paying attention. If you look at the replay, we played the ball, it was actually a foul against us.”

Addo was also asked what led to the team’s defeat and joked: “The referee”.

The 47-year-old also sought a meeting with the referee Ismael Elfath for an explanation on the decision, but said: “I tried and asked some people from FIFA if I could speak to the referee in a calm and quiet way. They said he was in a meeting and not possible.

“I think they have match analysis and an instructor. Surely you could have some minutes for the coach.”

Asked about Ronaldo, Addo added: “If somebody scores a goal, congratulations. But this was really a gift.”

“I think you would have to ask the referee,” he replied when asked whether Ronaldo’s reputation may have contributed to him winning the decision.

“I have no proof for that. But we were playing the ball. Then there was contact (between the) players. 

“I don’t know what they are doing. Whether they were not paying attention. Whether the VAR wasn’t paying attention. It was just incredible. If you look at the replay again, we were playing the ball. It was actually a foul against us.

“Up to the penalty, everything was possible. Then the game got a little bit wild.”

Ghana face South Korea on Monday in their second Group H game.



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