FFA World Cup 2022 Carlos Vela reveals why he doesn’t want to play for Mexico at the World Cup | FFA World Cup 2022

FFA World Cup 2022
FFA World Cup 2022
FFA World Cup 2022

There has been lots of talk in Mexico about certain Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino’s decisions ahead of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

His poor relationship with experienced striker Javier Hernandez, who is not in Martino’s plans, has been the subject of debate throughout the season.

Many fans have tried to persuade and convince the national team coach to change his decision, thanks in large part to Chicharito’s from in the MLS. However, Martino does not seem willing to do so.

FFA World Cup 2022

Another forward who is always being talked is Carlos Vela. The LAFC player was a very important member of the Mexican national team, but he has not appeared in recent call-ups, although his situation is different from that of Chicharito, as it is a personal decision.

During an interview with media outlet SDP Noticias, the former Real Sociedad forward revealed the reason why he doesn’t want to be in Qatar in November.

“It’s not a matter of excitement,” Vela said.

“When I was available and played for Mexico, I was excited to play in a World Cup and defend my country. But there are stages in football and in life.

“When you close a chapter, you have to let the others do their job. We have to support the side that we’re on and wish the best to those that Tata decides he wants to bring in.

“I hope they have a good World Cup, that they can go as far as possible and that one day we become champions, which I think is the dream of every Mexican.”

Both coach and fans were encouraging Vela to take part in his last international tournament, but his appearance has been ruled out.


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